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Whether you are a Trustee, a Personal Representative of an Estate, or an Attorney representing a Trustee or Personal Representative, you probably know that managing the sale of real property in this context is an emotional and complicated task. Family conflict, repairs, market conditions, out-of-state Trustees or Personal Representatives and cash liquidity constraints all contribute to the challenge of selling Estate property. The burden often creates a situation that can quickly get out of hand.  


San Diego Realty Specialists specializes in these complicated listings and sales. Our owner/ broker is a highly experienced Trust and Estate Attorney, who personally oversees the management of every listing and sale.  Our agents are certified specialists in both trust, probate and divorce sales and we know what it takes to navigate the legal process and selling process to achieve the highest property value in the most efficient manner.

Should Seller’s current probate or trust attorney not handle eviction and unlawful detainer proceedings, our Broker, Genna Palecek Hultgren’s law firm PMA LAW, we expedite move out dates with the Eviction proceedings. Furthermore, we meet with the Marshal at lockout to ensure to process moves smoothly.


We coordinate the inventory, photography and clean-out of all personal property including automobiles and all valuables. We also arrange with the Seller the sale, storage, disposal or donation of unwanted personal property.

Trust and Probate Property Experts
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“As a Trust and Estate Attorney here in San Diego, when it comes to selling probate or Trust property, I need an experience real estate team who understand the ins and outs of these types of transactions.  Genna Palecek Hultgren has helped my clients sell difficult properties efficiently and effectively for more than we initially anticipated.  Her professionalism, experience and client care are unmatched.  I would highly recommend her team.”

Caron C.

“I have worked with Genna Palecek Hultgren on numerous transactions over the past ten years.  I have been in the real estate industry for over two decades and Genna’s experience and communication with all parties in a transaction is unparalleled.  Her knowledge of both the legal and sales aspects of any real estate transaction makes her easy to work with to accomplish a smooth transaction.”

Shawn B.

“I needed an agent with experience not only in selling real estate but someone who could analyze my home and let me know what should be done to get the highest and best price.  Genna went through the property with me room by room to determine what could be done to make my home most attractive to buyers.  The improvement’s Genna suggested allowed me to sell my home with a smooth and fast sale.”

Laura B.

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