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As part of our 5-stage marketing program, we assist sellers in determining whether cosmetic upgrades would be beneficial for the seller’s bottom line.  We review, analyze, and provide a cost benefit analysis of potential renovations to increase value and equity in the home.

The most common home improvement recommended by REALTORS in a 2019 National Association of Realtors (NAR) study, we recommend for sellers to:

  • Declutter the home

  • Have the home professionally cleaned

  • Remove pets during showings

  • Have all flooring and carpet cleaned

  • Minor repairs were recommended by 77% of all REALTORS in the study.

  • 70% of all REALTORS recommended depersonalizing the home. Such as taking down personal photos and highly specific décor.

  • 67% of REALTORS recommend landscaping touch ups to outdoor areas and paint touch up of walls

In assisting with the home improvement process, we link our sellers with trusted subcontractors and assist our clients with managing these processes of renovations.

If this is something you fee might benefit you in the sale of your home, please contact us to further discuss the details of what might put more money in your pocket in the sale of a home.

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