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Due to the nature of certain trust and probate properties many of our listings are perfectly suited for investors, either short term flippers or long-term investments.  As such, we routinely work with investors who understand the value and opportunity these properties present.

Because we are well versed in trust and estate properties and the specific needs and conditions of the same, we understand how to prepare a listing to ensure a smooth transaction.  As many investor transactions deal with short escrows and either cash or hard money, we understand that every day of a short due diligence period is critical.

As such, prior to listing we routinely obtain critical investigative reports necessary for buyer’s and investors to make timely decisions regarding the property.  For example, we will have already obtained a Preliminary Title Report will plot map and in many cases we will have conducted further investigations such as a general property inspection, mold and/or asbestos inspection, and termite inspections. 

We believe having reports already prepared benefits both Seller and Buyer in that it enables Buyers to more efficiently and effectively analyze the property which allows for a smoother transaction with less re-negotiation after entering into a purchase contract.

We look forward to putting our experience and professionalism to use in your transaction.

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